HealthyBI Product Will Increase Operational Efficiency in the Healthcare Sector

Developed for the healthcare industry, HealthyBI offers the business intelligence solution product that enables quick analysis and creation of reports in this direction. The product plays a role in making sense by consolidating the data from various sources into one single environment.

Improving the Quality of Service of Health Institutions

HealthyBI, which gathers the data accumulated on different databases in health institutions in one single environment, uses this data to improve the service quality of the institution. At the same time, the product enhances financial efficiency and can quickly provide visual analysis used to improve operational efficiency.

Health organization data has a wide range of usage. Analyzes such as medical analysis, service profitability and supply management, revenue management and utilization help the units achieve their goals and ensure competitive advantage.

In addition to the fact that the data density is high in hospitals, the size of the data reaching to the public hospitals unit is even bigger. HealthyBI makes it easy to access some of the data used for the productivity grid. It can turn some information that can be used as the KPI in the productivity grid into data. At the same time, the product helps create analytical reports, improve return on investment and improve analytics thinking across the enterprise.

Ensuring Database Consolidation

For the product, the data in various sources is being consolidated into one common database with ETL. For the analysis to be created, the desired column can be dragged and dropped into the analysis area, and the data is quickly indicated with the help of table, chart or map visualizations.

HealthyBI does not have the specific infrastructure required for its use, but the institutions must have a data warehouse that can be maintained. Database service can be provided in case the institution’s database is not suitable or not available. Different database resources that are owned by the institution can be evaluated through visualization in a single environment together with HealthyBI.

We aim to use HealthyBI, which is prepared for health-related institutions, by private and government hospitals or public hospital associations. As BiSoft, we want to improve the management performance, profitability and service quality of major healthcare institutions in the future.

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